Artist’s Statement

My work is centred on historical iconographic elements within the cultural context of Indian history. I explore and construct the hermeneutics of period histories, its contemporary representation of socio-economic and political inquiry within my art practice.

As an artist, designer and a poet, to be creative is a contemplative act that distils an essence about my own total reality. In various phases of my life, I have been inspired by different subjects. My first love began for kids wear garments for the retail domestic market and led me to train myself as a fashion designer in early 90s, creating and retailing the haute couture hi-fashion women wear collections under my own label.

I gradually moved to visual art medium in 1999. My select visual artwork projects were influenced by Abstract expressionism under of Lyrical Abstraction 2007 series . Beyond Mithila series 2008 were influenced by 7th and 8th century art forms of India and it contemporary interpretations and appropriations. Indigo Narratives series were inspired by India’s history, narratives of immigration and transnational economic interchanges in collaboration with an American artist friend on a show title INDIGO.These works/show have travelled across continents on different venues like New Delhi, Mumbai ,Baroda in India, Seattle and Miami , Chicago Cultural Centre IL USA from 2009-14.  They are presently being exhibited in  Gandhi Memorial Centre ,Washington DC  USA until Januray 2014 with support from Embassy of India , Indian Council of Cultural Relation New Delhi .

Salt: The Great March 2013 was my solo exhibition as a visual artist exploring salt as a symbol of non-violence and investigating the sarvodaya theory in the practice of nonviolence, tolerance, peace and harmony through the narratives of swadeshi politics. These works draw upon the history of India’s colonial past and Mahatma Gandhi’s 1930 Dandi March, which began the Salt Satyagraha and became an important part of the Indian independence movement.In my new series, ‘Salt: The Great march 2013’,  I further explored the possibilities of establishing alternative societies where by re-introducing Gandhian ideals of ‘swadharma’ and ‘sarvodaya’ can bring critical changes as a correctional force in the societies.This new complimentary  body of works  are continuation of my earlier series, ‘Indigo Narratives’.These works were exhibited at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Sept-Oct 2013 along with published catalog .The works are scheduled to be exhibited in Dakshinachitra Chennai in October 2014

My recent curatorial  project in collaboration with Indian Council of Cultural Relations project titled ‘Textiles of India is a travelling exhibition to ASEAN countries which includes 37 painted, printed, woven, non woven , embroidered and embellished textiles of India on a title ‘Vastram: The Splendid Textiles of India”

I was invited to read papers for two international conferences in Mysore and Chennai on titles Salt and Indigo : A visual Translation of Colonial India and Lincoln Gandhi and Obama:A visual dialogue  in miniature style of paintings .The new academic works were created in miniature painting style and are installed in International lincoln Centre Denver USA

The upcoming projects for 2014 are ‘Art for Autism’ and ‘Of the land:Roots and Routes’ to be curated and exhibited in New Delhi .


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